Proximity Marketing Site Audit

Fundamental to achieving success in a proximity marketing / Bluetooth marketing campaign is the siting of the Bluetooth marketing server. Undertaking a commercial and technical site audit prior to executing a proximity marketing campaign is highly recommended. Hypertag’s pre-campaign site audit will survey the proposed locations and provide recommendations on how best to locate, set up and use the Hypertags for maximum impact and best ROI for your mobile marketing campaign. Agreed changes will then be fed into the standard proximity marketing campaign deployment process. A Bluetooth marketing survey can include photography of locations, estimated footfall projections, best location guidance, physical aspects of the location including electricity and Internet availability, Bluetooth marketing range guidance, health and safety issues and other possible installation or permission issues.

One-Hour Proximity Marketing Campaign Consultancy
If your budget is tight, get a one-hour proximity marketing / Bluetooth marketing consultation with a Hypertag campaign expert to obtain personalised advice to help you choose the best mobile marketing locations, content mechanic and implementation to meet your campaign objectives.

In-Depth Proximity Marketing Campaign Consultancy
Brands and agencies can access Hypertag’s extensive proximity marketing / Bluetooth marketing knowledge and experience to help you design your mobile marketing campaign. Provide Hypertag your brief and we will create three mobile marketing campaign concepts together with recommendations on: campaign execution, how to reach your target audience, optimum location of Hypertags, suitable mobile marketing content mechanics and integration with your wider campaign activity. We’ll also give you benchmarks on expected deliverables and budget requirements.

Mobile Marketing Content Optimisation
If you already have mobile marketing content in a number of formats then Hypertag can tailor your content especially for your proximity marketing / Bluetooth marketing campaign to give the most positive brand impression and uptake possible. Hypertag can configure mobile content whether it be any combination of sound, image, animation or video to the required format for all mobile phone types.

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Proximity Marketing / Bluetooth Marketing / Mobile Marketing Campaign Consultancy